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房屋租賃契約範本 Model Tenancy Agreement

房屋租賃契約範本 Model Tenancy Agreement



This Tenancy Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made on the    day of      by and between      (the “Landlord”) and      (the “Tenant”).


立契約書人:出租人           (以下簡稱為甲方)
承租人    (以下簡稱為乙方)
立契約日 :            


WHEREAS, the Tenant intends to lease from the Landlord the “Premises” (defined herein below) and the Landlord agrees to lease to the Tenant the “Premises” in accordance and under the terms and conditions set forth herein. NOW, THEREFORE, the parties hereby agree as follows:




1.Premises; Use of the Premises




The leasing premises (the “Premises”) are located at                        , comprising of        whole area/        room(s)/         suite(s), and the total area of the Premises are       pings (1 ping equals 36 square feet).


房屋座落:   縣(市)   市(鄉、鎮、區)         路(街)                


使用範圍:上述房屋全部@房間  間@套房   間 總坪數 :    


The Premises shall be used for residential/business/other (please specify) purposes.




2. Term of the Agreement




Unless earlier terminated under other provisions of this Agreement, the Agreement shall have a term of   year(s)     month(s), commencing on        and expiring on      (the “Term”).


自民國         日起至民國         日止,計      月。


3. Rentals and Deposit




(1) During the Term, the Tenant shall pay monthly rentals (the ”Rental”)to the Landlord for the Premises. The Rental for the Term shall be NT$     per month. The Rental shall be due and payable on the     day of each calendar month during the Term.


租金每月新台幣(以下同)     元整。乙方應於每月   日前給付甲方。


(2) On the signing of this Agreement, the Tenant shall pay the Landlord a guarantee deposit (the “Deposit”) in an amount of NT$   .


押租金     元整。乙方應於簽訂本約之同時給付甲方。


(3) Upon the expiry or termination of this Agreement, the Landlord shall refund to the Tenant the amount of the Deposit without interest.




4. Tax and Charges




(1) All Republic of China taxes in respect of the Premises, including, without limitation, the housing tax and land tax, shall be the responsibilities of the Landlord.




(2) Charges for electricity, water, and such other additional supplies of the Premises provided to the Tenant during the Term shall be the responsibilities of the Tenant.


租賃期間因使用本租賃物所產生之電費@自來水費@  @除另有約定外,應由乙方負擔。


5. Sublease




The Tenant shall not assign, transfer, or sublease any of his rights to or interest in or obligations under this Agreement without the prior written approval of the Landlord.




6. Repair and Improvement




(1) The repair or maintenance of the Premises arising from ordinary wear and tear shall be the responsibility of the Landlord.




(2) Unless otherwise approved by the Landlord in advance, no improvement or construction of the Premises shall be made by the Tenant. Any improvement or construction of the premises made by the Tenant shall in no event damage the structure of the building.




7. Restrictions on Use




No storage of any goods, illegal substances, explosives, flammable materials or dangerous articles is allowed. In the event of violation by or attribute to the Tenant of the restrictions set forth hereof or by any applicable laws of the Republic of China, the Tenant shall be solely and exclusively responsible for and answerable to all charges, liabilities and penalties for such violation, and shall hold the Landlord free and harmless from and indemnify and defend the landlord against any and all claims, liabilities and damages of the landlord arising from such violation. The Tenant shall fully comply with and abide by his obligations hereof and the requirements of all applicable Republic of China laws, as well as the provisions or regulations of the building where the Premises are located.




8. Termination




In the event of the Tenant’s breach of any of his obligations under this Agreement, including, without limitation, the Tenant’s failure to pay Rentals for two calendar months during the Term, the landlord may by seven (7) days prior written notice terminate this Agreement, effective the last day of the calendar month in which such notice is given. Upon such termination or the Tenant’s failure to re-convey the Premises upon the expiry of the Term, the Tenant shall pay the Landlord the proportion of the Rental due and payable as of the date of the termination as well as an amount equal to the sum of two months’ Rentals to compensate the Landlord’s loss and damage arising from such termination and as a penalty payment for such termination or breach.




9. Reconveyance of the Premises




Upon expiry or termination for whatever reason of this Agreement, the Tenant shall at his cost without delay vacate the Premises, re-convey the Premises to the landlord in the condition which the Premises were first conveyed to the tenant upon commencement of this Agreement, ordinary wear and tear and improvements agreed by the Landlord during the Term excepted.




10. Jurisdiction




Any and all disputes arising from this Agreement shall be finally adjudicated upon by the District Court and appellate courts thereof in the Republic of China.




11. Governing Law




This Agreement is governed by and shall be construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of Republic of China.




12. Notice




All notices and other communications to be given by a party hereto to the other party shall be in writing, delivered by registered mail to the addresses specified below. A notice shall be deemed received by his addressee on the day which it is sent by registered mail in case of a change of address without prior notice(s).




13. Miscellaneous (i. e. other terms and conditions agreed by the parties)




(1) The Tenant may terminate this Agreement before the expiry of the Term by written notice to this effect to the Landlord at least thirty (30) days before the date stated in such notice to be the date on which such termination takes effect; provided that the Tenant shall pay to the Landlord an amount equal to the sum of     months’ Rentals to compensate the Landlord’s loss and damage arising from such termination.






IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have THIS AGREEMENT executed on the date and year first above written.






Date of Birth:




ROC ID, ARC or Passport No.:
Date of Birth:
















1.  These REMARKS are for references only and shall not be deemed as or integrated into part of this Agreement.




2.  Both parties shall review this Agreement carefully before execution. Parties may execute this Agreement by signing, sealing, or hand printing. The recording of domiciles and identification numbers of both parties is of essence.




3.  Be sure to confirm the identities of each party by his/her ID, Alien Resident Certificate or Passport. In case that any party is under judicial age, the execution of this Agreement shall be agreed or made by his legal guardian.




4.  The Tenant may require the Landlord to submit supporting evidences of the Landlord’s title of the Premises, such as the Title Certificate or a certified copy of the property registration of the Premises, or the Master Lease Agreement as evidence to his right to lease or sublease the Premises to the Tenant. In case of a sublease, the Tenant (sublessee) shall review the Master Lease Agreement to confirm of no restrictions on sublease and the Term of the Sublease shall not be more than the term of the Master Lease.




5.  The appropriate amount of the penalty set forth in Section 13(1) is the amount equal to one month’s Rental.




6.  In accordance with Article 97, Section 1 of the Land Law, rental of the premises located in cities shall not exceed ten percent (10%) of the interest of the reporting value of the real property per annum. In addition, Article 99 of the Land Law provides that the appropriate amount of the guarantee deposit would be the amount equal to two months’ Rentals. The exceeding amount of the guarantee deposit may be used to pay for or deducted from any Rental or any part thereof.




7.  The Tenant may take pictures of the Premises and make a list of appliances attached to the Premises for reference of the condition of the Premises first conveyed to the Tenant.




8.  It is recommended that the Tenant requires the Landlord to provide a written receipt or record in the Agreement of every payment of Rental or Deposit to the Landlord. Similarly, it is recommended that the Landlord requires the Tenant to provide a written receipt or record in the Agreement of the refund of the guarantee deposit.




Record of Payment of Deposit and Rentals


Leasing Term from         expiring on        
租期自         日至         




Date of Receipt


Signature of Recipient










Rental Amount


Date of Receipt


Signature of Recipient






































































































In accordance with the principles of equity and providing appropriate protection to the economically disadvantaged, this agreement template is drafted by Tsuei Ma-Ma Foundation for Housing and Community Services (or TMM Foundation) for the maintenance and advancement of a harmonious relationship between the leaser (landlord) and the lessee (tenant).Intention or action to reprint or adopt this template is welcome.TMM Foundation hereby waives all and any rights of action or other claims to the copyright of this template. Suggestions, criticism or other comments on this template are appreciated.






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